Correct Address of Storage Services

Yekba Group is a value that has proven its success in the sector with its trustworthy brand image. Yekba Group, which continues on its way by riveting this success day by day, has provided its image not only with the works it does but also with its innovative vision.

Yekba Group; is one of the leading group companies in the bonded warehouse, logistics and free warehousing sector. Yekba Group also provides service at important points in food and tourism and hotel management. It has distributorships in the Balkans, United Arab Emirates and Europe in export.

As Yekba Group, we serve our customers with our distinguished staff who have accomplished important projects in the sector.

Genel Antrepo

General Warehouse

It serves its customers with an A-type general warehouse affiliated to Ambarlı Customs and a free storage area of 18.000 square meters, established on a land of 22.000 square meters.

Serbest Depolama


With 18.000 square meters of storage area and 10 hydraulic loading and unloading ramps, products are labeled, palletized, stretched, packaged, repackaged in line with...

Yurtiçi Dağıtım Hizmetleri

Domestic Distribution Services

In order to transport the products in accordance with the incoming orders, to meet the most suitable transportation channels and at the lowest cost, the transportation...

Why Us?

Value Creation

A business approach focused on creating added value for our customers and business partners.

Safe Storage

The opportunity to safely store your imported goods for as long as you wish.

Expert Staff

A service that can meet all your needs with its experienced and wide expert staff.

Modern and Fast

Opportunity to work without waste of time with modern and fast loading-unloading equipment.

24/7 Security

A warehouse service that is actively protected by security personnel and closed circuit camera systems 7 days and 24 hours a day.

Wide Working Hours

Being able to respond to your needs all the time with special and wide service hours throughout the day.

We are one of the leading group companies in the Warehouse, Logistics and Storage sector.

Business Partner
m2 Storage Area

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